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Don't Worry, The Stolen Scarecrow Nun Holding Massive Cupcakes Has Been Returned

Sister Mary has been reunited with her creator after a difficult two weeks.

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This is Sister Mary, a scarecrow that won second prize at a competition in Caythorpe, Nottinghamshire, earlier this month. Soon afterwards, Mary was STOLEN by scarecrow thieves.

Twitter: @juliacons

Owner Julia Cons said Mary was last seen "with her feet poking out of the back of a car". Cons had placed her outside her house for others to enjoy, and was annoyed that nun-stealing bandits had deprived passersby of a laugh.

Then, this week, a police community support officer found the scarecrow in Calverton, six miles away, and returned it.

Cons told the BBC: "We were really upset to have her stolen and never imagined we would get her back... I think all the media attention obviously made her too hot to handle."

Just for the record, the winning scarecrow at the competition was a witch stuck in a tree with a sign saying: "Don't drink and fly."

So now you know.