Meet Harley, The Cutest Three-Year-Old Vine Star You’ll Ever See

He’s a doctor, a fashion expert, he has the best laugh and he’s destined for Vine stardom.

1. This is Harley, three, from South Wales. He is a reknown medical professional and has useful medical advice on a range of ailments, including snoring…

2. How to keep warm in Winter (by looking after your “mune” system)…

3. And weight loss.

4. He’s a fashion expert.

5. He has a growing fan base.

never will there ever be a child cuter and more precious then dr harley

— Liesl (@LuBreuner)

The little British boy on vine is literally the cutest thing on the planet. #drharley

— ashwipe (@ashleyharper_)

8. Harley posts his advice with the help of his dad Ben Phillips, who started using Vine in August 2013.

The Vine account started as a joint effort from Ben and his cousin Joe, but Harley’s star potential took over two months ago when he one day wore an oversized shirt and told viewers of the health benefits of bananas.

Ben tells BuzzFeed: “I took the profile on as ‘Ben Phillips’ started doing my own vines and introduced Harley on one or two and realised everybody loved him…. Very recently we changed the name to “Ben & Harley” which I am over the moon with as we are a team!”

9. The account now has 300,000 followers and it’s growing fast. But his fame won’t change him.

11. He’s handling the pressure of fame like a pro.

12. When he’s not helping Harley make his vines, Ben manages the family business, a shoe shop in South Wales.

And while some stars of Vine are being given sponsorship deals and broadcasting work, Ben says his immediate plans are “to continue making people smile all around the world.”

“It is so touching to receive messages or ‘fan mail’, if that’s what you call it, from thousands of followers telling us we make day a brighter day every day,” he says, although he wouldn’t mind taking the family to New York to meet some of the big stars of Vine.

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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