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London Is Suddenly Full Of Supercars And They Are Ridiculous

Wealthy Arab tourists are in town to show off their fast cars. And they are pretty garish.

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This Bugatti Veyron costs anything up to £1 million – which probably explains why its owner isn't too bothered by the penalty notice he got for parking on double yellow lines.


The Bugatti (and the Rolls-Royce behind it) was parked outside Harrods this week as part of an influx of posh motors imported from Arab countries.

Every year after Ramadan, wealthy families from the Middle East come to London to indulge in some shopping, eating, and socialising in and around London's Knightsbridge district. It's known by some as "The Season", and has become a tradition among millionaires from Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere.

This traffic warden wasn't impressed by the bling, and gave the owner a ticket.


The cars are shipped over to London at great expense. Westminster Council says that parking fines given out to vehicles from the UAE have nearly doubled in the last three years.


Not everyone is a fan of the cars, however. Management consultant Panda Morgan-Thomas tells The Sun:


"I am not angry. I am just exhausted. After a relatively calm three years, the last few days have seen the return of supercars to Knightsbridge.

"They are again racing down Sloane Street from late afternoon until three or four in the morning.

"We honestly thought we had made progress but it seems as though local residents are in for another sleepless August."

But some people love the cars and think the complaints against their drivers are nonsense.

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Paul Wallace, who runs the Supercars of London YouTube channel, has been posting videos of the cars in action. He says in this video:

"The media has really picked up on the residents' arguments that these guys are making too much noise, revving their enginges and racing around the streets of London, which I can assure you is not the case."