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27 Local News Stories That Prove Britain Can't Handle Summer

Nothing says "British Summer" more than drunken Oompa-Loompas.

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11. Everyone knows the coolest place to be seen this summer is the World Watercress Eating Championships in Alresford, Hampshire.

Winner David White managed to eat two 80g bags in just under two minutes. He told the Basingstoke Gazette: "I didn’t have any practice, although I do love watercress, so that probably helped!"


16. North Devon was still reeling from this bombshell.

23. What is it with seagulls these days?

As the story chillingly reports: "Residents reported seeing a mother grab her young baby and dash to the car after being bombarded by the gulls.

"And another incident saw five gulls attack a single person – although residents said they mostly attack 'in twos'. A teenage girl was injured by the gulls, 'though not seriously', and another cornered in a doorway, they said."


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