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    Lidl's Response To Sainsbury’s 50p Challenge Poster Is Perfect

    Well played, Lidl. Well played.

    Remember this from Tuesday, when someone spotted a poster urging Sainsbury's staff to get shoppers to spend an extra 50p on every trip until the end of the year?

    .@sainsburys not sure this is supposed to be in your window...

    This morning Lidl responded with this: a message telling staff to help customers save "as many 50ps as possible".

    @LidlUK What a great idea! #50pchallenge #nicesurprises

    That was spotted at the Clapham branch of Lidl but the ad appeared in this morning's newspapers too.

    Masterstroke from Lidl in Metro this morning. No wonder the big boys are struggling... #LidlSurprises

    Nice PR job, Lidl.