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13 Fish And Chip Shops With Brilliant But Terrible Punning Names

"I'll have fish, chips, battered sausage, mushy peas, and all the puns."

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1. Fishcotheque, near Waterloo station, London.

2. A Salt N Battered, in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

3. Frying Nemo, in Goole, Yorkshire.

Frying Nemo gets an extra shout-out for its excellent merchandise.

4. Fin City, in Kilburn, north London.

5. A Fish Called Rhondda, in Ton Pentre, Rhondda.

6. Chip-in-Dales, in Otley, Yorkshire.

7. The Codfather, in Southampton.

(There are many chippies with this name, to be honest...)

(There are many chippies with this name, to be honest...)

8. The Batter of Bosworth, in Nuneaton, Wawrickshire.

9. The Plaice to Be, in Pitlochry, Scotland.

10. Oh My Cod in Tipton, West Midlands.

11. The Frying Squad, in Hither Green, south London.

12. Codrophenia, in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

13. Battersea Cod's Home, in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

And finally, a reminder that you can't get proper fish and chips in America.