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26 Obsolete Things That Were Once Very Important

BBC Radio 1 is moving its weekly chart rundown from Sundays to Fridays after 50 years. But the charts are just one of the many things that young people these days don't even realise are important.

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1. Having an instant knowledge of who's No. 1 in the charts.

This was the UK top 10 in March 1995, back when people actually cared. Also: 1995 had some bad music.

2. Having a massive wallet full of CDs.

kids these days don't know the struggle

3. Having a cool hotmail address.

Who wants to hear my old email address from year 7? LMFAO.

4. Getting a car with a tape deck.

5. Game Boys with massive lights on them.

Kids these days don't understand

6. Those weird water-based games that were always in the Argos catalogue.

Kids these days don't know what the struggle was like! 😂😂😂 #stickypromo

7. The Argos catalogue.

Am lost in this. Lost. MT @aflashbak: Another World. The Argos Catalogue from 1976.

8. Playing Solitaire.

kids these days don’t know our struggle #tbt

9. Taping songs off the radio.

back in simpler days when taping songs off the radio... the panic that set in when getting near the end of the side.

10. Making labels with a label-maker.

Nothing is safe. You have to label everything....

11. Playing computer games with actual joysticks.

12. Shopping at Woolworths.

Woolworths pic n mix would laugh at Wilkinsons poor attempt at pic n mix

14. Getting physical copies of photos.

Using a disposable camera Saturday night was the best idea😁

15. Checking CD-ROM encyclopedias.

Let's just take a moment to appreciate how bloody brilliant Encarta was...

16. Chilling with a Discman.

17. Fitting as many spokey dokeys to a bike wheel as possible.

18. Getting down to Jive Bunny.

Jive Bunny on stage at @JackUpThe80s awesome!!

19. Heeding gaming tips from the disembodied head of Sir Patrick Moore.

GamesMaster - The first ever UK television show dedicated to computer games.

20. Playing Snake (and Snake 2) on Nokia phones.

We bid a fond farewell to Nokia (and Snake!) by looking at their best and worst creations

21. Composing ringtones on Nokia phones.

The best synth is the one on the old Nokia ringtone composer

22. Reading teen magazines.

@Schofe pic from 1987 smash hits magazine.

23. Playing Bamboozle on Teletext.

24. Reversing charges using an actual payphone.

25. Watching MTV for the actual music videos.

All ya other #SlimShady's are just imitating! Tune into MTV Classic now for Number 1's from 90s-00s!

26. Remembering phone numbers.