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    21 Local Newspaper Stories That Could Only Happen In Kent

    When YOU see a strawberry that looks a bit like a penis, you know who to call: your local newspaper.

    1. When this strawberry grown in Dartford looked like a penis.

    2. When a Rotary club president accidentally bought a gimp suit instead of a merman outfit.

    3. When Sevenoaks wasn't ready for sushi.

    4. When this happened.

    5. When a seagull terrorised a cat in Whitstable.

    6. When this shocking turn of events hit town.

    7. When the mayor was too fat to skydive.

    8. When 73-year-old Doris was repeatedly groped by a ghost.

    9. When this tragedy happened in Folkestone.

    10. When some Whitstable mums changed the internet forever.

    11. When another seagull struck in Margate.

    12. One can only imagine the fury referred to here.

    13. When crowds gasped in amazement at a pea-sized pear.

    14. When this couple were attacked with Lunchables in Larkfield.

    15. When the great albino squirrel mystery of 2007 hit Whitstable.

    16. When this planning row erupted in Sittingbourne.

    17. When a pony walked around Folkestone for some reason.

    18. When a couple of teenagers were acting suspiciously in Broadstairs. But officers couldn't find them.

    19. This lucky escape.

    20. When Herne Bay resident Dina Wilson was forced to wear kitchen-based armour to protect her from seagulls.

    21. And when this era-defining (and now infamous) event rocked Whitstable.