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This Is The Most Explicit Comment Thread On A Baby Website Ever

We're not kidding – this is extremely NSFW.

BabyCentre is a popular site for parents expecting or managing offspring. It has a lively message board and helpful articles like this one on caffeine and pregnancy:

There are tips on how dads can bond with their unborn baby. That's nice, isn't it?

So far, so lovely. Until last night, when Sarah222 posted this urgent question in the What's Your Opinion On...? section.

You said WHAT? Bukkake is Japanese for "big splash" and if you're not familiar with the term, this dictionary definition may help.


It's safe to say that BabyCentre readers aren't that familiar with hardcore Japanese pornography.

Nycteris thought of this helpful explanation.

And butterflyticklers spoke for many readers.

The consensus was that getting man-paste in your eye is a bad thing.

There was even some political satire thrown in.

Also, full marks to the person who came up with "wankival" as an alternative name for it.

But it was all too much for some.

If you made it to the end of this post, here is a picture of an adorable baby as a reward. You deserve it.