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The 16 Funniest BBC News Captions Of All Time

"And we can cross live now to Bounce the Dog..."

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1. This hedgehog.

Oh my god hedgehog interviewed on BBC Breakfast THIS IS NOT A DRILL (pic via @ChrisMasonBBC)

2. Bounce the Dog.

More of this please BBC. #dogsoftwitter

3. The Queen.

» « "@Simonhartmp: Younger viewers confused by the BBC caption should know that our Brian was once in a band.... "

4. Matthew Correspondent, Europe correspondent.

I really hope #Bounce the dog was interviewed by the BBC's very own Matthew Correspondent (@bbcmatthewprice)


5. This poor bloke.

6. This "Lambtastic" woman.

8. Ed Miliband MP.

I think the person who writes the captions for BBC News has completely lost the plot


9. The Hardon Collider at CERN.

Hardon Collider. The best caption by #BBC so far.

10. This space lawyer.

That dog still doesn't have the greatest caption in BBC history, though

11. This national ass.

Oops. RT @AndrewBloch: Unfortunate BBC News caption... via @JohnDonoghue64


13. This memorable presenter.

@Lee_90K Hope it’s going gd. Thought you’d like this: RT @AndrewBloch: BBC News caption fail: via @_youhadonejob

14. This young Conservative.

And an equally fine Caption Cock-Up courtesy of BBC News

15. This penguinologist.

Penguinologist! WTF! I wasn't told me that career option when I was at school! My life could have been so different..

16. This science Viking.

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