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    Jerome Jarre Got Derek Zoolander To Star In One Of His Vines

    Vine's biggest celebrity + Zoolander = this Vine.

    Ben Stiller was back playing Derek Zoolander yesterday at Paris Fashion Week when he grabbed the phone of social media star Jerome Jarre in the MIDDLE of a Vine:

    The Vine has the look of a carefully choreographed stunt to promote the launch of Zoolander 2 – on Facebook, Jarre included the #Zoolander2 hashtag, which is being used by film company Paramount.

    Jarre's Snapchat story from yesterday featured longer clips with Stiller, as well as Owen Wilson and Cara Delevingne.

    Jerome Jarre / Snapchat

    Stiller appeared in Jerome's Snapchat story on 19 February, as he mentioned on Facebook.


    We have asked Jarre to clarify whether the Vine was part of an official marketing campaign.

    Jarre, 24, has become one of the leading stars of social media – and is a more savvy businessman than his wacky videos suggest.

    He is a co-founder of the digital talent agency GrapeStory, which manages several high-profile (and very young) social media stars and was instrumental in launching the career of Ben Phillips, the 22-year-old Welsh Viner who now makes videos full-time.

    Jarre, who claims to have been homeless when he made his first 200 Vines, said he turned down a contract worth a million dollars from a New York advertising agency last year.

    Like many Viners who rose to popularity in 2013/4 he now concentrates his efforts on Facebook, where his page has 1.7 million likes, and Snapchat.

    Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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