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    19 Unintentionally Disturbing Moments From Kids' Colouring Books

    Stay within the lines and try not to get mentally scarred for life.

    1. This happy chap.

    RT @_youhadonejob: Colouring book maker you had one job. @ComedyCocks

    2. This sexy horse.

    3. This dinosaur with its fancy horn.

    4. These hippos sharing an intimate moment.

    5. This thoroughly depressing and modern end to Barbie and Ken's relationship.

    6. These jolly elves getting along famously.

    7. This boy just casually walking round in a towel, holding a doughnut, with an erection.

    8. This important biblical scene.

    9. This important satanic scene.

    This might be my favourite colouring book in recent memory.

    10. This love that dare not speak its name.

    11. Ride a what?

    12. This disturbing chocolate-based scene.

    13. This intensely disturbing scene.

    14. No one remembers this scene from the original Star Wars films.

    15. This snail whose bottom half totally doesn't look like some hairy balls.

    16. That time they used a picture of the genie and a camel jacked up on crystal meth on the cover of this thing.

    17. This laugh-a-minute picture.

    18. This godforsaken nightmare.

    19. These bunnies having a special private.

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