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13 Stunningly British Views Of The Solar Eclipse

All the wonder of behind those clouds somewhere.

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1. This was the view from London.

Beautiful image of the #SolarEclipse as seen from London this morning

2. Shepherd's Bush.

Wow ! It's really creepy #SolarEclipse2015 #shepherdsbush 2015

3. Watford.

@Aiannucci Incredible view of the eclipse in Watford

4. Glasgow.

5. Edinburgh

Has it started yet? #eclipse #edinburgh #saughton

6. Southampton.

GREAT view of the eclipse in Southampton today... COME ON CLOUDS, YOU HAD ONE JOB.

7. Portsmouth.

What the solar eclipse looks like in Portsmouth 😂😂

8. Norwich.

Stunning image of the #eclipse over Norwich...

10. Birmingham (almost visible).

@Skynews perfect reflection of eclipse on window in Birmingham

11. Manchester.

“@TheSocialChain: The view of the solar eclipse from our Manchester office is absolutely stunning! ” 😂😂😂

12. Essex.

I can see SO much of the eclipse, cheers Essex 👍

13. Liverpool.

Watching the eclipse through the clouds from my front window.

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