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    This Guy Is Collecting Pictures Of Every Wetherspoon's Carpet In The Country

    There are carpets, and then there are Spoon's carpets. Via Wetherspoon's Carpets.

    Have you ever admired the carpets in Wetherspoon's pubs? Have you ever wondered if any two are the same?

    You're not alone. About nine months ago, writer Kit Caless (@KitCaless) was in his local branch of Wetherspoon's in Hackney and started thinking about the carpet.

    He ended up taking the photo below and setting up the Wetherspoon's Carpets blog, which publishes pictures of Spoon's carpets sent in by drinkers across the country.

    1. Funky '60s squares at Baxter's Court, Mare Street, Hackney.

    Caless told BuzzFeed: "I started taking photos of Spoon's carpets about nine months ago after reading a novel by Will Wiles, The Way Inn, in which the narrator stays at the same chain hotel whenever he is at a conference and discovers the corporate art is all the same, with sinister consequences.

    "I finished reading the book in the Westgate Wetherspoon's in Canterbury so I stared at the carpet for a while and wondered if Spoon's carpets were different or the same. On my return to London I went to my local in Mare Street, Hackney, and found the carpet was different. I took another picture, and it sort of rolled on from there. After collecting enough different Spoon's pics I started the blog and invited people to send me their local Spoon's carpets so we could see if any match up."

    2. Puzzling squares at The Dairyman, Brentwood, Essex.

    Mike Henry / Twitter

    Caless said he had no idea where the carpets come from: "I have no idea about Spoon's carpet commissioning. I'm not sure I want to find out either. What fascinates me about the carpets is that they are the only thing, other than the architecture of the buildings and the pub name, that is different about each Spoon's.

    "For a corporate chain to spend so much effort on individualising its carpets is pretty weird. I have no idea where they get them from either! I like to think it's just one person making all the carpets in a factory in Grimsby. Maybe they are all designed by [Wetherspoon's founder] Tim Martin's wife? Who knows. It's enough to just admire them."

    3. Twinkling diamond things at The Ivor Davies, Cardiff.

    Twitter: @scottyslunglow

    4. A '70s flower-power nightmare at The Playfair, Edinburgh.

    Twitter: @ArchieIslander

    5. A sea of wavy fire at the Gover and Allen, Sudbury, Suffolk.

    Twitter: @notoriousbiggs

    6. Carpet as migraine at The Richard John Blackler, Liverpool.

    Twitter: @Tabernacle_Rec

    7. A rare double carpet at the Prestwick Pioneer, Prestwick, Ayrshire.

    Twitter: @nordicarchitectutre

    8. A sort of weird cloud formation at the Dolphin and Anchor, Chichester.

    Twitter: @tinyclanger

    9. Either a very weird pattern or a carpet that needs replacing at The North Western, Liverpool.

    Twitter: @humphh

    10. Charlie Brown's T-shirt in carpet form at The Hope and Champion, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire.

    Twitter: @hackneymarshman

    11. Sexy hexagons at The Six Gold Martlets, Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

    Twitter: @n3rt

    12. Hideous colour-clashing '80s triangles at The Paramount, Manchester.

    Submitted to by "Paul" via email.

    13. Lively lava nightmare at The Sir Percy Florence Shelley in Boscombe, Dorset.

    Twitter: @amitchellfox

    14. Lines of wheat at The Grove in Stratford, east London. The person who submitted this, Andrew James Brown, also contributed a poem.

    15. Sci-fi circles at The Old Gaolhouse, Winchester.

    Twitter: @nfkadam

    16. Psychedelic slugs at the Bishop's Mill, Walkergate, Durham.

    Twitter: @_jonb

    17. Clashing leaves at The White Swan, Upper Street, London.

    18. Whatever the hell this is at The Sir Alec Rose, Portsmouth.

    Twitter: @markranger01

    19. Patchwork quilt at The Brightwater Inn, Southampton.

    Twitter: @nfkadam

    20. The one WITHOUT a carpet at Gatwick Airport North Terminal.

    Twitter: @umidude

    21. Pretty in plaid at The Lord High Constable of England, Gloucester.

    Twitter: @Rachael_Moravia

    22. Lovely squares at The Corn Exchange, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

    Twitter: @chriscarps

    23. Non-matching squares at The Sir John Moore, Glasgow.

    Joyce Gibson via Twitter

    24. A cool coat of arms at The Foley Arms Hotel, Malvern, Worcestershire.

    Helen Jacobs

    In response to our questions about the carpets and the blog, JD Wetherspoon told BuzzFeed in an emailed statement:

    "We place particular emphasis on the design of our new pubs, investing heavily in every aspect, as well as investing in the refurbishment of our older premises. Our excellent architects and interior designers produce some award-winning results.

    "With 900-plus outlets, that is a lot of carpet, some of which are especially made, with designs and details to reflect aspects of the buildings history or local area.

    "It is great to see our customers, who are obviously loyal fans, taking an active interest with this online collection."


    Boscombe is of course in Dorset. An earlier version of this post put it in the wrong county.