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Look At This Terrifying 50-Lane Traffic Jam In China

This is what happens when millions of people return from holiday and try to get back into Beijing at the same time.

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The cars were gridlocked on Tuesday on the Beijing–Hong Kong–Macau Expressway, near the border with Hong Kong, following the end of a week-long national holiday.


Millions of Chinese tourists travelled to scenic destinations during the "Golden Week" celebrations – and then travelled home again, causing all the traffic.


You would need an extreme amount of patience to get through this.

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And that's only mild by Chinese traffic jam standards.

A tailback on the 110 Expressway between Beijing and Inner Mongolia in 2010 lasted 12 days and stretched 60 miles.

Some motorists were stranded for five days and 400 police officers were brought in to keep tempers in check.

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