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How The Internet Reacted To The UK Getting A New Prime Minister

We're about to have a new prime minister and possibly a general election, but apart from that it's been pretty quiet.

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It's been another fun/terrifying day in the fog of constitutional crisis that we were left in after the EU referendum result on 24 June.

*time traveller arrives* TIME TRAVELLER: What year is it? Who's Prime Minister? EVERYONE: *just cries confusedly* TIME TRAVELLER: Ah, 2016

The highlights today were that it was confirmed that Theresa May will be the new Conservative party leader and prime minister by Wednesday night.

It's been quite a ride.

Head trauma doctors everywhere desperate to come up with a new question now "who's the Prime Minister?" is out of the window.

This happened because leadership hopeful Andrea Leadsom, who's been under fire for suggesting May would be a worse PM because she doesn't have children, stood down this morning. She denied she made those comments even though it is exactly what she said.

"Don't believe I have sufficient support" -@andrealeadsom pulls out of #ToryLeadership race

She joins Boris Johnson and Michael Gove in the list of Leave campaigners who have, er, left the leadership battle.

These Leavers sure are great at leaving things. #Leadsom

Perhaps the nicest thing you can say about Leadsom's pitch for Downing Street is it was a short campaign.

That Leadsom leadership campaign in full.

And her invisible dog-walking skills are quite something.

Andrea Leadsom appears to have donned an invisibility cloak to take her dog for a walk

The woman below is all of us.

This woman's expression kind of sums up the past few weeks in politics #ConservativeLeadership

All of which means that WE LITERALLY HAVE A NEW PRIME MINISTER. Or we will in a few days.

Theresa May arrives at Downing Street to survey the damage.

The news went down well on Twitter.

May herself was in Birmingham giving a speech – and swiftly travelled back to London once the Leadsom news filtered through.

If you are on a train with Theresa May from Birmingham to London pls call the news desk

We were reminded that because the Queen invites the leader of the party with the most House of Commons seats to form the next government, May will become PM while sipping a cup of tea, in a palace, because Britain.

A minister tells me the Queen returns to London tomorrow. So it sounds like Mrs May will go to the Palace and become Prime Minister by tea.

There is speculation that the Queen is not best pleased by all this.

tfw you had plans but need to get home to appoint a new Prime Minister

Many surmised that May won not through cunning or skill, but through the mistakes of her rivals.

How Theresa May beat her Conservative Party rivals, in one gif (h/t @shane_casey)

Seeking clarity on the day's events, Robert Cooper (the alter ego of comedy writer Robert Popper) phoned Conservative party HQ to ask what was going on. And whether pigeon wrestling would be coming back.

View this video on YouTube

As if things couldn't get any more chaotic, don't forget the Labour party has its own crisis right now, and while all this was happening Angela Eagle was launching her bid to become Labour leader. Her campaign branding looked familiar.

Angela Eagle announces her bid to become the leader of Rimmel London's new 'teen range'.

From a friend #AngelaEagle #NotMyCircusNotMyMonkeys

"I want to start by saying this is not a pyramid scheme."

Appropriately, it looks like her signature reads "Argh!"

Fittingly, it appears that Angela Eagle's signature is the word 'Argh'

And in a stroke of cosmically bad luck, Leadsom's withdrawal was announced DURING EAGLE'S SPEECH, prompting the assembled journalists to hotfoot it to Westminster, which led to this Q&A session: The Most Cringeworthy Moment of Politics This Year So Far.

Meanwhile over at Angela Eagle's #LabourLeadership launch...

Maybe Eagle would consider this tech-savvy way to reach party members.

Labour Party to announce Pokemon Go version of their leadership election...

The main thing about Eagle is she has the 50 nominations she needs to mount a leadership challenge against Labour's current leader, Jeremy Corbyn, who is defiantly staying put despite a vote of no confidence.

When Andrea Leadsom pulls out of the Tory leadership race because of "lack of support" among MPs

Meanwhile, David Cameron, who you might remember from the era of stable, predictable politics 17 days ago, looks like he'll take part in his last Prime Minister's Questions this Wednesday, possibly using a silly voice.

Possibly Cameron's last #pmqs this week. If I was him, I'd dress down, bring in games, and just repeat what Corbyn says in a silly voice.

He may also be doing a spot of house-hunting sooner than he previously hoped.

'David is urgently looking for a family home in central London'

It's unlikely he'll be taking the light bulbs, however.

'we bought these' he says, unscrewing a lightbulb in the downstairs toilet, 'i'm taking it'

And it's unlikely Larry the 10 Downing Street cat will be moving out too.

The "and finally" of this political explainer was inevitably the most fun bit to write.

Cameron rounded things off nicely by strolling back into Number 10 to enjoy his last 48 hours there while singing a little song. Reports that it was the opening strains of the West Wing theme tune could not be confirmed.

VIDEO: PM appears to sing a little sorrowful tune as he re-enters Number 10 after announcing May handover:

So we've had a month's worth of news and it's only Monday.

'... and does anyone have any experience running a country?'

Who knows what Tuesday will bring.

join us next week on "British Politics" for more drunk mud wrestling in an unlicensed clown abattoir

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