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12 Horses Who Are Definitely Not On Drugs

So the Queen's horse has tested positive for drugs. Turns out it might not be the only one.

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1. "I'm not gonna lie to you, I'm off my tits right now."

2. "This ketamine is well tingly. Know what I mean? Tingly."

3. "Whoa, shit, shit, shit... Oh shit."


5. "Hey, can you taste colours? Think about it."

6. "I wish had a bigger mouth so I could smile more. I love you."

7. "Oh man, I just feel like the world's really big and I'm really small."

8. "Hey dude, touch my head, just touch it. It feels weird. Honestly."

9. "This is SUCH a tune. Come on!"

10. *Old-school 90s rave faces*

11. "I know I'm hallucinating, but I've got the munchies so bad."

12. "I'm a horse."