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12 Holiday Tattoos That People May Well One Day Regret

What happens in Magaluf stays in Magaluf, unless you get a tattoo. NSFW because of pictures of unwise tattoos on people's backsides.

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1. The male arse. A classic, timeless holiday tattoo area.

2. The question is, what did this guy think once Moyes went?

3. Say what you see.

4. So wolf pack.

5. This Gordon Ramsay fan had the spelling of his arse tribute corrected by the man himself.

6. "I've got your name tattooed on my arse. no really."

8. That is so Phil.

9. As long as you admit it, that's the main thing.


11. This guy likes pie and he wants everyone to know it.

12. But if you DO regret a tat, this chap thought of an ideal way to covered up his ex-girlfriend's name while in Magaluf.

Have a great summer, every one.