The Liberation Of Paris, Then And Now: 24 Haunting Images That Blend The Past And Present

Photographer Julien Knez has matched up pictures of the liberation of Paris 70 years ago to how the city looks now.

1. Near the fountain in Place Saint-Michel on August 19, 1944, asphalt is pulled from the street in the first battles of the uprising.

Julien Knez / Robert Doisneau.

2. Ths barricade in Place Saint-Michel was where the Gibert Jeune book shop is today.

Julien Knez / Robert Doisneau

3. A barricade on Rue de la Huchette, 19 August, 1944.

Julien Knez / Robert Doisneau

This barricade acted as an aid post and was across the street from the famous fort Huchette at Notre Dame.

Julien Knez / Robert Doisneau

6. Place Saint-Michel, as battle rages in the Latin Quarter on August 23, 1944.

Julien Knez / Robert Doisneau

7. Notre Dame on 25 August, 1944.

Julien Knez

9. General Leclerc and US forces celebrate victory at Notre Dame, 25 August 1944.

Julien Knez

10. German soliders being transported on US vehicles are jeered by the crowd as they pass the Eiffel Tower.

Julian Knez

11. American soliders on Place du Châtelet, 25 August, 1944.

Julien Knez / Roger-Viollet

12. German soldiers on Rue Castiglione, August 25.

Julien Knez

These German soldiers were arrested by US forces and the French Forces of the Interior (FFI) near the Jardin des Tuileries and just steps from the Hotel Meurice which served as both headquarters for the German occupation forces, and staff housing for general Choltitz, the German military leader of Paris.

Julien Knez / Marcel Cerf

14. German prisoners outside the Louvre.

Juline Knez / Henri Cartier-Bresson

15. Place de l’Opéra, 25 August, 1944.

Julien Knez

The German governer of Paris, General Von Cholitz, is led to the Préfecture de Police de Paris to be surrended to the French General Leclerc.

16. A US Jeep outside the Place de l’Opéra.

Julien Knez / André Zucca

17. The Préfecture de police de Paris on the Boulevard du Paris.

Julian Knez

18. Rue de Rivoli, August 25, 1944.

Julien Knez / Roger-Viollet

19. A tank from the 2nd Armoured Division of General Leclerc rolls down Boulevard Saint-Michel, near the Sorbonne.

Julien Knez

20. General de Gaulle leading a parade along the Champs Elysées, August 26, 1944.

Julien Knez

21. Champs Elysées during the parade, 26 August, 1944.

Julien Knez / Robert Capa

22. Shots rang out on Place de la Concorde, as the victory parade took place nearby on August 26, 1944.

Julien Knez

23. French soliders outside the Hôtel de Ville.

Julien Knez / Albert Séeberger

24. Robert Doisneau’s famous Love and Barbed Wire picture at the Jardin des Tuileries.

Julien Knez / Robert Doisneau

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