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    21 Awkward And Hilarious Birthday Cards Sent By Kids

    "Happy birthday poo face!"

    1. This passionate declaration of love.

    2. This card from a kid who knows what life's really all about.

    It says: "You may think birth days are abot being rewarded for nothing, family, celebrating, and, in your case, being old enough to drive... BUT THAT'S BULLSHIT. It's about eating more cake. HAPPY BIRTH DAY!!!"

    3. This birthday card that's impossible to explain.

    4. "You have the soul of a barbarian."

    5. This celebration of life's fleeting wonder.

    6. "Only 65 years until your 100!"

    7. This example of what happens when you let a 7-year-old sign a birthday card for a 4-year-old.

    8. This charming card.

    9. This proof that if in doubt, you can't go wrong with something Gollum-themed.

    It says: "Have a gollumy birthday. To my precious. You are just like gollum. Happy Birthday."

    10. Kids are getting crafty with computers these days.

    11. This unexpectedly tender card chosen by a 5-year-old for her auntie's birthday.

    12. This actually pretty good advice.

    13. That time Hunter wrote the sweetest message for his big brother's 18th.

    14. This proof that nothing says "happy birthday" like unicorn wee.

    15. This honesty.

    16. This extreme honesty.

    17. This card that was meant to say "guy". Close enough.

    18. This drawing of a cake. There is absolutely nothing – nothing – rude about it.

    19. That time Dad's kids were maybe trying to tell him something.

    20. This entirely appropriate homemade card for a parent by their young daughter.

    21. At the end of the day, it's the thought that counts.

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