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22 GIFs That Prove The World Is Not Such A Bad Place

All the feels in one place, in GIF form.

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1. When this toddler, who was born deaf, had an implant put in that let him hear his dad's voice for the first time.

2. This story of how a terminally ill mother got hooked on Animal Crossing and used it to send messages of love to her children.

Warning: This may leave you in a puddle of tears.

3. This baby laughing so hard he falls over.

4. This little boy hugging his Spider-Man piñata rather than destroying it.

5. This soldier surprising his daughter at a football match.

6. And this one, surprising his daughter at school.

7. And this girl, getting a very unexpected present.

8. This baby laughing at a cat licking his feet.

9. Sarah Churman was born deaf. This is the moment she heard for the first time at the age of 29, thanks to a new implant.

10. This boy's selfless way of helping his friend across.

11. The motorist who committed a rare random act of kindness.

12. The father who took a picture of his daughter every day until she was 14.

13. This Iron Maiden fan's reaction to seeing them live for the first time.

He's never going to lose that drumstick.

14. This guy not letting his crutches get in the way of his skateboarding.

15. This cute Korean girl doing the best dance.

16. These two boys learning to share.

17. This baseball fan who gave the ball to a crying boy.

18. This man who stopped someone falling on the train tracks.

19. Former Celtic player Georgios Samaras giving this fan a day to remember.

20. This kid performing a backflip in a wheelchair and absolutely nailing it.

21. This martial arts master being PUNISHED by a little girl.

22. This guy's emotional moment with his true love on the kiss cam.