26 Things That Only Fat Men Will Understand

I am in shape. Round is a shape.”

1. Life is hard when you’re on the large side.

2. This is a light snack.

3. You get this. A lot.

4. And you always want a second piece of cake. And shrimp.

Mmm. Cake.

5. You sometimes feel like lasagne for breakfast.

Yes, I am making lasagna before 9 am. #fatmenproblems

— Tom Hanratty (@tomhan374)

6. This is what your fridge / freezer looks like.

how you close that freezer RT @GladToBeRad: I would be so fat.. but so happy ””"

— Baiders. (@Mikey_yesterday)

7. There is this eternal problem.

This is why I'm fat! @Mitchant93

— Zoë Hall (@Zoe__Hall)

8. But you would be the first to admit that you overdo it a bit at mealtimes.


9. It can be hard to get around due to all your extra weight.

10. Summer is a complete write-off.

11. Looking cool on the beach is impossible.


12. This is a serious problem.

13. Going for a health check-up can be embarrassing.

14. If your friend tries on something of yours … it doesn’t fit.

15. Shopping for clothes is a nightmare.

16. You could get into skinny clothes, if you wanted. It just wouldn’t be very easy.


17. You dress for the occasion.

18. But you always NEED new clothes because THIS happens.

19. You have a deep emotional reaction to food.

20. It can affect your relationships.

21. Let’s not talk about working out.

Don’t even go there.

22. You get no end of “helpful” advice from friends and family.

23. What no one gets is that you ARE in shape, just a bit squidgy.

24. No one takes your naked selfies seriously.

Even if you’re beautiful.

25. It’s all about perspective.

An instant six pack, anyone? This was too funny not to share. It's pure genius, I say...

— Samantha Amjadali (@sam_amjadali)

26. Because in the end, even though you know you need to lose a few pounds, you’re happy with who you are.

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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