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20 Eye-Opening Maps That Will Make You See The UK Differently

So London is very big and the UK is smaller than Texas. Most of these via the MapPorn subreddit.

1. The most commonly spoken second language in each London borough. / Via

According to 2011 Census data.

2. Top UK bands and which city they came from.

James Chapman /

You can buy this map from its maker here.

3. How big the UK is compared to Texas.

4. UK regions and the countries for which they have an equivalent GDP.

5. The definitive pie map of the UK.

Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed / Via

6. The population (and shape) of Britain in the year 600. / Creative Commons / Via

7. Ptolemy's 1467 map of Britain and Ireland. / Creative Commons / Via

8. A Google autocomplete map of the UK.

Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed and Shutterstock

9. And another one.

John Gara / Buzzfeed / Via

10. The population density of inner London...

The brighter the shade of blue, the more people live there.

11. And Manchester.

12. The UK, distorted to show population density.

University oif Sheffield / Via

13. The growth of obesity in England since 1993.

Ordinance Survey / Via

14. Tokyo compared to the UK.

15. A map of the British Isles made up entirely of NSFW place names.

16. The UK compared to Westeros.

(If you are confused, please note that Westeros is not a real place.)

17. The definitive cheese map of Great Britain.


From the World Cheese Book by Juliet Harbutt.

18. This map of the UK split into regions with the same population as London. /

Redditor thelb4 worked out the figures and created this map.

19. The definitive stereotype map of the UK and Ireland.

Tom Phillips/BuzzFeed/skvoor/Shutterstock / Via

20. And finally, this incredible and never-before-seen map, made up of various satellite images, which shows the British Isles with NO CLOUDS.


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