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    19 Completely Messed Up Moments From Kids' Books

    Not safe for children. Not safe for life.

    1. This lion's nose which totally doesn't look like a penis.

    2. This face, which totally doesn't look like an anus.

    3. This top quality pop-up book.

    4. This dinosaur humping a table.

    5. This sausage.

    6. This scene of total horror.

    7. Whatever the hell is going on here.

    8. This muff.

    9. Struwwelpeter: Possibly the most disturbing book cover in kids' book history.

    10. Except the one with a Viking holding a man's head, obviously.

    The title means Ado and Jaaku and the Vikings in Greenland and it sounds delightful.

    11. This bear and his tight hole.

    12. This smiling cannibal pig butcher.

    13. This beaver.

    14. This Mexican sticker book that invites kids to puts limbs on this... thing.

    15. That time Thomas the Tank Engine objectified Dan.

    16. This informative guide.

    17. This slightly risque subject for a childrens' book.

    18. What was it, though? WHAT WAS IT?

    19. And this Aladdin colouring book, which explores what would happen if the Genie went on a drugs bender with a camel.

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