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    Everyone Loves Snickers' Response To The Jeremy Clarkson Fracas

    Brand + banter = branter.

    Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was suspended from the show this week after an alleged "fracas" with a producer over food. This was Snickers' response.

    The original tweet is approaching 2,000 retweets so it's a good day for whoever runs the @snickersuk account.

    Meanwhile in the Clarkson saga, the BBC reports that Clarkson himself rang BBC TV boss Danny Cohen to tell him about the altercation and that the complaint didn't come from the producer involved, Oisin Tymon. The BBC will hold internal interviews with the people involved next week to decide how to proceed next. Meanwhile, the show remains off air.

    Top Gear is based at Wood Lane and the address on the package is correct. An earlier version of this post said the BBC moved out of its Wood Lane address in 2013, but its commercial wing, BBC Worldwide, and the Top Gear team, remain there.