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13 Cosplayers At London Comic Con Tell Us What Their Character Means To Them

We meet the people behind the masks at London Comic Con 2014, over the weekend of 24-26 October.

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3. Daredevil – "You can succeed and be great even with faults!"

Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed

Real name: Jason Summers.

Age: 25.

From: London.

Job: Facilities manager.

"I've been coming to Comic Con since I was 17," she says. "It's grown a lot since then."


5. Unnamed character from the World of Warcraft universe – "confident, happy, crazy."

Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed

Real name: Sarah Strickland.

Age: 23.

From: Bexley, South London.

Job: Most recently worked at a garden centre.

"I made this myself, it took a couple of months" she says. "I'd never sewn before and I just bought a sewing machine and thought I'd give it go."

6. Unnamed character from World of Warcraft – "Glory badass".

Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed

Real name: Rob.

Age: 18.

From Penzance, Cornwall.

Job: Studying games design.

"Penzance is nice, but nothing like this," he says. "It's not much fun if you don't like watersports and old people."

7. A chimera - "A sassy piece of shit".

Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed

Real name: Zephyr.

Age: 24.

From: The Midlands.

Job: Freelance artist. (Zephyr made this suit herself and the tail swayed back and forth – it was very impressive).


11. Dark Candy Fiddlesticks, from League of Legends – "Amazing".

Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed

Real name: Paul Heatherington.

Age: 34.

From: Wallsend.

Job: Works for Marks and Spencer.

You can see the process of how Paul made his costume at his cosplay page on Facebook.