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    13 Cosplayers At London Comic Con Tell Us What Their Character Means To Them

    We meet the people behind the masks at London Comic Con 2014, over the weekend of 24-26 October.

    1. The self-styled Darth Valkie – "I am the darkness".

    2. Unnamed character from the Star Wars universe – "Unstoppable".

    3. Daredevil – "You can succeed and be great even with faults!"

    4. Deadpool – "Because being normal is boring".

    5. Unnamed character from the World of Warcraft universe – "confident, happy, crazy."

    6. Unnamed character from World of Warcraft – "Glory badass".

    7. A chimera - "A sassy piece of shit".

    8. Ezra Scarlet, from the Fairy Tale anime series – "Born leader".

    9. Some cats, from Cats – "Fun".

    10. Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games series – "Being fabulous!"

    11. Dark Candy Fiddlesticks, from League of Legends – "Amazing".

    12. Two Doctors – "It's complicated".

    13. Mystique – "Dark but awesome!"

    Bonus: We met Hattie Hayridge, who played Holly in Red Dwarf! She said playing Holly "Expanded my brain!"