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    Charges Dropped Against "Kill All White Men" Student Union Officer

    Bahar Mustafa, the welfare and diversity officer at Goldsmiths University, was accused of making malicious or threatening communications but the charges have been dropped due to a lack of evidence.

    Bahar Mustafa, the student union officer accused of sending malicious communications after allegedly writing "#KillAllWhiteMen" in a Facebook post, has had the charges against her dropped due to a lack of evidence.

    Mustafa, 28, was due to appear in court on Thursday but, The Guardian reported, the Crown Prosecution Service told her there wasn't enough evidence to "provide a realistic prospect of conviction".

    Mustafa, 28, is the welfare and diversity officer at Goldsmiths University Union and had been charged with sending a threatening message and with sending a grossly offensive message via a public network.

    Mustafa's solicitor, Mike Schwarz, told The Guardian: "The decision first to prosecute and then to climb down so soon afterwards, made by the Crown Prosecution Service headquarters, calls into question their ability to make sensible judgments on delicate issues."

    In April she was criticised on social media and in mainstream news coverage for holding an event where white men were told not to attend.

    The CPS said in a statement that it would be inappropriate for it to comment, but added that one of the complainants has request that the decision is reviewed, under the "right to review" scheme.

    This means that the allegations and any evidence will be looked at again, but the process could take up to three months.

    Mustafa has spoken to Vice about the decision and while she denied ever tweeting the #killallwhitemen hashtag, she defended its use.

    She said: "I have seen some horrendous things happen online. The internet can be a horrible place full of misery and perversion, but I don't think that the state should deal with things that we don't like on the internet.

    "We should have the power to go and protest against it ourselves. Like, if people want to go out and protest about something I said – fine, bring it."