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17 Kids Who Are Pissed Off At Their Parents For Absolutely No Reason

The #AssholeParent hashtag on Instagram shows just how unreasonable children really are. Via

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1. "She wanted a pony ride so I'm an asshole."

The person behind #AssholeParent, writer Kristen Howerton, only set up the Instagram account last week and it has almost 50,000 followers already.

Howerton, based in Orange County, California, told BuzzFeed News that the inspiration for the hashtag came from her own daughter: "It really just started with a silly hashtag I stuck on a picture a couple years ago," she said. "My daughter was having lunch and I tried to make it special by putting it on a pink plate and in a pink cup, and I cut her sandwich into a puzzle.

"But instead of being happy about that stuff, she threw a fit because there was a yellow straw. I tagged it #AssholeParent, and then started capturing stealth photos of other times my kids were disappointed in something totally unreasonable.

"Over the last year I noticed more and more people using the hashtag, so I decided to start an Instagram account to curate them all. I started it last week and it caught on like wildfire, gaining 50,000 followers in a week, so it's obviously resonating with people."

It certainly is:

2. "We wouldn't let her smash the cake until after we sang 'Happy Birthday', clearly that's unacceptable, so we're assholes."

3. "I wouldnt let him play in the dark garage... alone, so I am the asshole."

4. "I wouldn't let her put her toys in a milk-filled cereal bowl."

5. "Noooo. Not animal crackers! Aaaanythiiiing but animal crackkkersss! This is a travesty of exponential proportions!"

6. "I wouldn't let her play with my good camera so I'm an #assholeparent."

7. "I wouldn't let him eat my Chapstick, so I'm the asshole."

8. "That one time I asked him to smile in the happiest place on earth."

9. "We got married like a couple of assholes."

10. "Wanted a cinnamon roll. Got a PBJ instead."

11. "She's mad because I wouldn't let our cat take a bath with her."

12. "I won't buy All The Toys so I'm an asshole."

13. "I only bought chocolate chip cookies."

14. "Much rage and disappointment due to the fact that I'm not making the moon come back."

15. "I wouldn't let her play with the steak knives, therefore I'm an asshole."

16. "There was a tiny piece of cilantro in her burrito so I'm an asshole."

British translation: cilantro = coriander.

17. "I won't let him eat cookies so I'm an asshole."

Howerton told BuzzFeed News that the pictures represent something "universal" for parents.

"There is something cathartic about realising that these moments, which can be frustrating when you are in them, are also things other parents are dealing with," she said.

"It brings some levity to the phenomenon of illogical tantrums, and makes parents feel less isolated in them."