22 Brits Who Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Leave The Country

We’re all going on a summer holiday.” And we’re going to get completely wankered. Slightly NSFW.

1. Anyone wearing this badge in Magaluf, or anywhere else.

3. Or this t-shirt.

4. Anyone who goes to another country and spends €4 on Heinz beans.

5. In fact, anyone who is surprised that foreign countries have different foods.

tumblr.com / Me & You Productions

tumblr.com / Me & You Productions


tumblr.com / Me & You Productions

tumblr.com / Me & You Productions


6. The person who had a tactical chunder at Auschwitz.

My 45 year old dad has just come back from his 'lads holiday' and the first thing he tells me is that he had a tactical chunder in auschwitz

— alex goss xx (@_alexgoss)

7. People who use “tactical chunder” as a general holiday strategy.

Definitely my favourite picture from holiday, me trying to do a tactical chunder with @PollyBanfield hahahaha

— Jade Paine (@JadePaine_)

and first tactical chunder of the holiday goes to me from absolutely hanging out my arse #bitch

— Alex Waite (@alexwaitee)

Fuck pullin on holiday these lasses tactical chunder then have their filthy tongues all up in your mouth lmao

— POS£IDON (@jezeb2k)

9. The person who brought some Bucky to Spain with them.

10. These guys.


— gary hayes (@gazhayes)

11. This pair of legends.

@TimWestwood seen you in kavos wednesday loved it so much we got your quotes tatted muvvafukin kavos baby

— Brooke Lambrick (@BrookeLambrick)

12. This “wanker”.

@WankersFullKit @iainj81 lads holiday, decided to do out very own full kit wankers #wiganwankers

— Del bhoy (@Hoopsterdell)

13. Actually, anyone over the age of 12 who wears a full football kit.

Yes sir, you are a Hazard...

— Full-Kit Wankers (@WankersFullKit)

14. These Magaluf hen party revellers.

15. Anyone and everyone who forgets that southern Europe is actually quite sunny.

And gets burned.

16. These lads, who disagree with reading on holiday.

Lads holiday to Ibiza... @KAStammers is taking his kindle!? #loser #wasteman

— Andrew Woodfield (@Ipswichwoody)

18. Anyone who just has to mention the war.

19. Anyone in an asymetrical man-thong.

Lol new man thong anybody?

— Alex Akins (@AkinsAlex)

21. This party-goer.

22. And this hooligan.


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