12 Brilliant Political Cartoons From 2013

    Britain doesn't just have some of the best journalists in the world, it has excellent cartoonists too. Here are 12 of the best from the last year, taken from The Best of Britain's Political Cartoons 2013.

    1. Morten Moreland on Berlusconi - The Times.

    2. Peter Brookes on Ed Miliband - The Times.

    3. Brighty on Boris at the Olympics - The Sun.

    4. Bob Moran on the Budget - The Daily Telegraph.

    5. Ben Jennings on the bedroom tax - The Guardian.

    6. Patrick Blower on Obama and surveillance - The Daily Telegraph.

    7. Chris Riddell on war in the Middle East - The Observer.

    8. Christian Adams on the royal baby - The Daily Telegraph.

    9. Dave Brown on migrant workers - The Independent.

    10. Gary Barker on Robert Mugabe - The Times.

    11. Martin Rowson on NHS cuts - The Guardian.

    12. Peter Schrank on Twitter - Independent on Sunday.

    All these cartoons are taken from The Best of Britain's Political Cartoons 2013, edited by Tim Benson and Published by Scribe.