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    Nov 6, 2014

    Brighton Is Covered In Fake But Amusing Planning Applications

    Relax, there isn't really going to be a 40-metre otter's head in Brighton. Via Phil Lucas.

    1. The people of Brighton may have noticed a series of mysterious planning notices around the town.!New-Planning-Notices-in-Brighton/cx4z/DFCB5D4B-C693-49F4-81F5-660F260D9EB7

    2. For example, this one is particularly troubling for local residents.!New-Planning-Notices-in-Brighton/cx4z/DFCB5D4B-C693-49F4-81F5-660F260D9EB7

    3. However, they are the work of comedian Phil Lucas, who has struck again 12 months after his last batch of fake notices.!New-Planning-Notices-in-Brighton/cx4z/DFCB5D4B-C693-49F4-81F5-660F260D9EB7

    4. Brighton is known for its alternative culture, but this might be a step too far.!New-Planning-Notices-in-Brighton/cx4z/DFCB5D4B-C693-49F4-81F5-660F260D9EB7

    5. It's what the pier has always needed.!New-Planning-Notices-in-Brighton/cx4z/DFCB5D4B-C693-49F4-81F5-660F260D9EB7

    6. This might prove controversial.

    7. We can't believe there isn't already an Alesha Dixon World.!New-Planning-Notices-in-Brighton/cx4z/DFCB5D4B-C693-49F4-81F5-660F260D9EB7

    8. It's the Daily Mail's worst nightmare.

    9. Sounds dodgy, but 2Unlimited are involved so it can't be all bad.!New-Planning-Notices-in-Brighton/cx4z/DFCB5D4B-C693-49F4-81F5-660F260D9EB7

    10. And what town wouldn't be improved by a 40-metre-tall otter's head?!New-Planning-Notices-in-Brighton/cx4z/DFCB5D4B-C693-49F4-81F5-660F260D9EB7

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