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    Posted on Nov 24, 2014

    19 Babies Who Take Cuteness To A New Level

    Only click if you can handle the cuteness. You have been warned.

    1. This baby joining in with dad's beatboxing.

    2. And this one, who takes it to a new level.

    3. This baby, who didn't like her first taste of lemon.

    4. This baby who is too wired to sleep.

    5. This baby who has had way too much too drink.

    6. This baby who has mastered drunken dancing.

    7. This baby girl who can't handle hearing her favourite song in the car.

    8. This baby who can be persuaded not to cry.

    9. This kid, who doesn't know when he's had one too many.

    10. This cute kid and his evil laugh.

    11. This guy singing along to "Drunk in Love" like he means it.

    12. Ava Ryan, who smells like beef.

    13. This baby enjoying getting a bath in the kitchen sink.

    14. This baby making this impossibly cute noise.

    15. This baby who goes crazy when the beat drops.

    16. This baby who is totally owning this dance-off.

    17. This baby flexing his amazing muscles.

    18. This baby who's just kicking back, relaxing.

    19. And this boy, who is dying laughing.

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