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A Definitive Ranking Of Things British People Think Are Cheeky

Why go for a pint, when you can go for a cheeky pint?

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16. A walk.

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15. A drive in a car.

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14. A swim.

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13. A haircut.

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12. Sunbeds.

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11. A run.

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10. A run, followed by Robson and Jerome.

9. Chinese food.

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8. A gym sesh.

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7. A curry.

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6. McDs.

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5. A fry-up.

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4. A wank.

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3. Nandos.

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2. A half pint.


1. A pint.

Peter Finnie

This list has been updated with the addition of a half pint of beer, to reflect the fact that this is one of the cheekiest things of all. Somehow this was absent from the list in its original form but now it's in its rightful place.