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American-Style Proms Are Most Definitely A Thing In The UK Now

A new Channel 5 documentary follows one group of British school leavers through their prom experience, and reports that as much as £30 million is spent on proms here every year.

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These girls – Ella, Tylah, Ellie, and Jordan – paid £600 to arrive at their school prom in a horse-drawn carriage.


The 16-year-olds have just left the Manor Academy near Mansfield, the subject of a Channel 5 documentary being shown on 21 August which investigates the rise of US-style proms for school leavers here in the UK.

The show centres on Shannon Collingham (fourth from the right), seen here with her friend Chloe and some accompanying boys.


Collingham says during the show: "I'd hate to be described as a tramp or tacky – I wouldn't want to be called a chav. I'm just a glamorous girl – Princess Shannon."

Watch Prom Queen Divas UK on Channel 5 this Thursday, which incidentally is when 16-year-olds get their GCSE results.