All The Funniest Moments From Transfer Deadline Day

Why is this not a national holiday?

1. HAPPY TRANSFER DEADLINE DAY! For many it’s just behind Christmas Day and Ed Balls Day in the pecking order of British national holidays.

2. These people speak for an entire nation of soccerball enthusiasts.

3. This year’s Deadline Day had everything except, at first, any actual big signings. BUT Jim White was getting ready to crank out the clichés on Sky Sports.

4. BTW here’s just a reminder of what Jim White looked like in his Anchorman years.

5. Sky’s number-crunching guy, Dharmesh Sheth, was getting all excited about the £769 million that had been spent on transfers so far in this transfer window.


6. He could have been having some kind of meltdown on air. Who knows?

7. As ever, fans were hanging around in the background of Sky Sports shots.

Someone's rocking the dynamic anchorman look for his @SkySportsNewsHQ job interview #transferdeadlineday

— Graeme Lennox (@CarHack)

8. For most reporters it was a case of standing in the world’s most depressing car parks, surrounded by fans who looked a bit like they were there to steal someone’s car.

9. Newcastle fans were probably the most cheeky early on.

Pray for this guy #transferdeadlineday

— Patrick Smith (@psmith)

10. Especially this kid.

11. Although to be fair to this reporter, Jane, sorry, Jermaine Defoe is a hard name to say.

12. These kids in Southampton were full of the joys of Deadline Day.

13. The Hull City fans here WENT COMPLETELY CRAZY at the news of the club’s signing of Abel Hernandez.

14. Some couldn’t handle the excitement.

15. While this boy was the coolest character around.

16. During the last transfer window, fans outside Stoke City’s ground resembled extras from Night of the Living Dead

BREAKING: Concern for the Sky Sports News reporter, as the annual Stoke City zombies have gathered.

— BBC Sporf (@BBCSporf)

17. …so people on Twitter compared them to this.

The atmosphere is building up nicely outside the Britannia stadium #transferdeadlineday

— Jonathan Dunn (@JonathanDunn12)

18. …and this.

"@FootyLaughs: Stoke fans today... " We're like that everyday! You should see us when we don't dress up!

— Simon Heath (@simonheath1970)

19. Although nowhere quite reached the levels of excitement seen in Norwich last year.

20. Yet again, many jokes were about the fact that Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal weren’t going to buy anyone.


— Craig 'Dutch' Dias (@CDi_82)

22. This is what a lot of people imagined he was actually doing.

Pendant ce temps la Arsene lui #DeadlineDay

— K. (@the_sheed_)

23. If Arsenal do get desperate they could just sign this goat in an Arsenal shirt.

#transferdeadlineday #afc finally sign a world class Brazilian striker Goatinho

— Deo (@OlowoDeogratias)

24. Manchester United surprised everyone by bagging Colombian striker Falcao on loan, despite having no defenders.

New Man Utd formation…

— Footy Laughs (@FootyLaughs)

25. Although this is another possible formation.

This is ridiculously accurate LOOOOL #transferdeadlineday

— Ramires is Life (@19_5_2012)

26. The lid was sensationally lifted on how football journalism works.

27. This tweet – which just might have been fake – said Falcao was heading to Hyde FC, currently bottom of the Skrill North division, who last season went 29 games without a win. It wasn’t to be.

We cannot confirm if this is a legitimate tweet, however reports of Falcao to Hyde seem to be getting stronger

— Hyde FC Official (@hydefclive)

28. BTW, Hyde have not won this season yet, as this handy Twitter account will tell you.


— Have Hyde Won Yet (@HaveHydeWonYet)

29. United’s Mexican supersub, Javier Hernandez, is headed to Madrid on loan – meaning he’s being transferred from one bench to another, as symbolised by this handing over of a chair.

Hernandez has been presented with his bench at Real Marid #MUFC #DeadlineDay

— TheMataAssist (@TheMataAssist)

30. So this is where he’ll mostly play at Madrid.

For those asking how he'll fit in, here is Chicharito's new position at Real Madrid...

— Not Match of the Day (@NOT_MOTD)

31. But forget Manchester, shit was getting real in Cheltenham.

@martinkelner It's all kicking off on #transferdeadlineday in Cheltenham

— Julian Shea (@juliansheasport)

32. Geordies got excited when Neymar was spotted in Newcastle.

BREAKING NEWS: Neymar spotted in Newcastle #transferdeadlineday

— Colossus Bets (@ColossusBets)

33. It was the worst (or the best) day in the whole year for terrible Photoshop and Microsoft Paint efforts.

#TransferDeadlineDay "@BBCSporf: BREAKING: Wayne Rooney spotted in a Chelsea shirt "

— (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) (@FTNKHRL)

34. This was the most bankable rumour of the whole day.

BREAKING! Vanilla Ice has signed for Aswad. #transferdeadlineday

— The Dolphin (@The_Dolphin_Pub)

35. Much more so than this one (Messi is a steak-bake man).

I've just spotted #Messi in @GreggstheBakers, near The Ethiad Stadium, ordering himself a sausage and bean pasty. #TransferDeadlineDay

— Liam Gallagher (@IiamgaIlagher)

36. Much was made of where Nigerian striker Peter Odemwingie – who once drove to QPR to offer his services unannounced – might turn up.

Just seen Peter Odemwingie down the petrol station. Full tank. Look of steely determination in his eye. Aberdeen?

— Andy Dawson (@profanityswan)

Anyone stuck a GPS tracker on Odemwingie's car today to see which car parks he turns up in?!

— David Phillips (@phillipsdj)

Has the first Peter Odemwingie joke been tweeted yet? #transferdeadlineday #LADBanter

— furious pigeon (@furiouspigeon)

39. In a break with hundreds of years of Deadline Day tradition, Harry Redknapp REFUSED to wind his window down to talk to reporters, creating this #accidentalpartridge moment.

The football earth truly has frozen over. And that reporter has had better days.

40. Of course, Redknapp did talk to reporters. Just not in his car. It feels all wrong.

Wouldn't be transfer deadline day without talking to Harry! #HarryRedknapp #transferdeadlineday

— Marc Real (@MarcRReal)

41. There are internet memes and bingo cards RELYING on this happening.

Where is you're car Harry!?? #transferdeadlineday

— KasSim (@KassimRazak98)

42. It’s thought this is how he normally prepares for it.

Just spotted Harry Redknapp relaxing in the park before #TransferDeadlineDay

— Jonno Turner (@jonnot)

43. We will have to make do with this substitute.

#TransferDeadlineDay wouldn't be the same without Harry Redknapp in his car, he never disappoints

— DEADLINE DAY (@GarinCFC1905)

44. Or maybe this guy.

45. The car door is just sat there, waiting.

QPR press conference set up for Harry on #transferdeadlineday

— Gorman Ruttles (@GormanRuttles)

46. But don’t worry, because later on Stoke manager Mark Hughes took over the traditional Redknapp car interview.

Sparky taking over the traditional interview-with-the-car-window-down role these days #transferdeadlineday

— Patrick Smith (@psmith)

47. Oh, and this reporter stationed at QPR’s training ground ALL DAY managed to miss Redknapp drive past.

48. Meanwhile, spare a thought for fax machine manufacturers on their most important day of the year.

Arsenal transfer status... LIVE #TransferDeadlineDay Boot Room >>


49. Some speculated whether David Cameron could use Deadline Day to get rid of Nick Clegg.

'We're trying to offload Cleggy but the boy isn't having any of it' #transferdeadlineday

— General Boles (@GeneralBoles)

50. As the night drew in things really got interesting, especially when one reporter got a dildo pressed against his head while reporting from Everton’s Goodison Park stadium.

Seen some strange things happen on #transferdeadlineday but this wow speechless

— cameron jerome (@camjerome33)

51. Yep.

52. Just to clarify, this did actually happen.

53. Things got so rowdy at QPR that the fans more or less took over the broadcast. Not even the Sky reporter’s magic spray could stop people encroaching into his personal space.

You really have to feel for the guy reporting for Sky at QPR #transferdeadlineday

— Patrick Smith (@psmith)

54. Inevitably, there was a fan in a Morphsuit. He was just one of several who managed to blurt the now infamous “FHRITP” phrase live on air.

Well done knobhead in a morph suit who shouted "FHRITP" at West Ham

— Patrick Smith (@psmith)

55. And with just six minutes to go, a blow-up sex doll made an appearance.

Hahah #transferdeadlineday #sexdoll

— Daniel Washford (@DWashford)

56. But when the dust has settled on this year’s Deadline Day, don’t pay too much attention to “expert” opinion. This was Stuart Pearce’s take on Arsenal’s “waste of money” signing of Dennis Bergkamp, via @AntiqueFootball.

Bergkamp went on to score 87 goals in 315 appearances for the Gunners and won several trophies.

57. Transfers 4 ever.

Am I still in time for #transferdeadlineday?

— Michael Moran (@TheMichaelMoran)

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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