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People In The UK Are Losing Their Shit Waiting For Pokémon Go

It SHOULD be available at some point this week.

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You may have heard of Pokémon Go, the new mobile game everyone's talking about, which is based on the ever-popular Game Boy games of the late '90s.

Like with the Game Boy versions, you catch little monsters and train them to fight other monsters. But the twist is you find them by walking around your neighbourhood, using your phone's GPS tracking and 4G to stay connected to the game.

BuzzFeed / Alicia Melville-Smith
BuzzFeed / Alicia Melville-Smith

It's already been blamed for taking over people's lives and ruining relationships and after it launched in America and Australia. And someone found a dead body while playing it. BUT it can apparently help improve mental health and the whole thing looks pretty fun.

But when people in the UK go to search the iOS app store...

Trying to find #PokemonGO on the UK App Store...


When #PokemonGO still isn't out in UK

Basically the game's maker, Nintendo, is having server issues which is delaying its launch here. Nintendo says it's only available in some countries as an "early field test".

Everyone in the UK right now #PokemonGOuk #PokemonGO

The company said on Friday that it should be available at some point this week.

@TopSlogan89 should be live in Apple Store over the next week.

Some VERY enthusiastic poké-fans have set up US-registered Apple accounts to log in to the US app store.

And Android users can download it using a hack. But be very careful if you do this, as it could give your phone malware that hands control of the device to a hacker.

Whereas everyone else just waits.

Still waiting for #PokemonGo to release in the UK.

And waits.

Just sat here waiting for #PokemonGO to be released in the UK like... 😩

The struggle is real.

Everyone complains about #PokemonGO draining your battery… In the UK, I’m draining mine checking the app store for GO every ten minutes.

People have taken to improvising their own versions using household pets.

No Pokemon GO in the UK got me doing this now... 😭😭😭 #PokemonGO

But don't worry about us, we'll be absolutely fine.

People who can play #PokemonGO: The servers are down!! Me as I sit here waiting for it to come out in the UK:

You just carry on, America and Australia.

Why is #PokemonGO not out in the UK today? I wanted to catch Pokemon on the way to wrk #firstworldproblems

We're ready.

Waiting for #pokemongo to come out on UK iOS like

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