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    A Rat The Size Of A Cat Was Living In This Family's Ceiling

    These mutant rats keep turning up in people's houses.

    We don't mean to alarm you, but a Dublin family found this 24-inch-long furry friend in their attic after hearing a chewing sound.


    Just your average every day mutant rat. Chilling out in this family's ceiling.

    The rat was described by city pest control workers as "one of the bigger rats" caught recently, which makes you worry about what else they've been finding.


    Grace Walters, who heard the rat rummaging in her attic, told the Irish Mirror:

    "We rang a pest control company and they came out and put a camera in the attic to see what was going on - and sure enough the rat was there, hiding in a corner.

    "They had to cut a hole in the ceiling to reach the rat and when they grabbed it out, none of us could believe how big it was - the size of a domestic cat.

    "It’s quite scary to think that a rat can grow this big and strong, especially when you have kids in the house."

    The pest control expert who caught the rat called it, chillingly, "one of the biggest rats I’ve seen in my line of work," adding that it posed a real danger.

    Just last week a Swedish man found this beauty in his kitchen - but that was only 15 inches in length.


    To get an idea of scale, at 24 inches including its tail, this rat really isn't far from the size of an average cat.

    Sleep well everyone.


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