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    9 Things You Missed In Local Newspapers This Week

    Featuring escaping monkeys, "suspicious" chocolate wrappers and "leopards" roaming the countryside.

    1. You never can be too careful in these terror-obsessed times - all suspicious items should be reported.

    Simon David / Via Twitter: @Justme1605

    2. A team of 12 zookeepers in Belfast used tranquillisers to stop a monkey escaping.

    Kaylan Varma / Wikipedia / Via

    In all, six monkeys got free before being rounded up. As the Belfast Telegraph reports: "Bystanders watched as the animal fell from the tree after being shot with the tranquilliser gun. Five out of the six escapees have now been captured – one brought down with a rugby tackle."

    Achievement unlocked: rugby tackled rare escaping monkey.

    3. And things are getting pretty serious in Derby.

    4. In fact dogs seem to be getting stuck in all sorts of places these days. Thank heavens the police are around to help.

    The scene was dramatic: "On arrival, crews confirmed one Labrador puppy was stuck and got to work to release it using small tools."

    But relax: "The puppy was unharmed".

    5. Those Big Cat stories that Gloucestershire papers have been chasing for decades have now found their way to Kent.

    Big cat expert and blogger Neil Arnold tells the Kent Messenger there's evidence of big cats in Kent dating back hundreds of years. And be very afraid:

    "He believes the only explanation is a breeding community of puma, lynx and black leopards."

    6. The Henley Standard is keeping people informed of the big events in town.

    7. Manchester United accidentally sent out an email featuring what looked like a swastika with a Third Reich-styled headline to match (and later apologised).

    8. Maybe don't go for a swim if you're out and about in Plymouth.

    9. Gardeners in Oldham are getting a bit nasty.

    But a round of applause please for these commenters...

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