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    9 Couples Who Met On The Internet Share Their Stories

    Photographer Jena Cumbo and writer Gina Tron have captured the stories of couples who met online.

    1. Cora and Will, Craigslist

    2. Katie and Edison, Omegle

    3. Alice and David, OkCupid.

    4. George (left) and Steve, Craigslist

    5. Jack and Renee, JDate

    6. Sal (left) and KJ, OkCupid

    7. Mariela and Tiago,

    8. Nikki (right) and Malliha, Instagram

    9. Suzanne and Shawn,

    Jena and Gina hope to turn these pictures into a book, with short essays for each couple. Find out more about the project here.