29 Album Covers That Should Never Have Happened

    They don't make them like this anymore. All these via the excellent Twitter account Bad Album Covers. A few of these are kinda NSFW.

    1. The B-side to this is Give Your Flesh To Me.

    For those who missed this this morning. Barbara Markay.

    2. This knob-based bluegrass band's second album.

    The much anticipated Knob Lick Upper 10,000's second album.

    3. This man who may be about to attack you from the bushes.

    Music to hide in the bushes by vol 1 Sibmitted by @LordTed2011

    4. Erotic terrorism. Sounds funky.

    Anyone up for a bit of Erotic Terrorism? Submitted by @_Kristofferson

    5. We can't figure out if this is awful or awesome but it sold 2.7 MILLION copies in Brazil.

    6. We can't see this being a hit to be honest.

    7. It is unbelieveable (NSFW warning).

    8. One of Miss Piggy's lesser-known works.

    Hey @rickygervais forget the car ads. You and Miss Piggy should do one of these.

    9. A feminist classic.

    10. Mullets this good haven't been seen before or since.

    11. Maybe this guy had the same barber.

    12. Maybe something is lost in translation here.

    More band name madness from @bjorosenberg

    13. And here.

    One of my all time favourite band names (been a while since I last tweeted it) Submitted by @Tynewriter

    14. The budget for this one was ... not much.

    15. There are no words (slightly NSFW due to fat naked man).

    @BadAlbumCovers you've probably seen this but it is a classic.

    16. This album cover predates science.

    @BadAlbumCovers Tex loves a puff. Smoke Smoke Smoke that cigarette.

    17. Useful.

    18. Save money by using your police "suspect wanted" pic for your album sleeve.

    19. We say "yes" to shirtless '80s Russian mullet men.

    20. "Yeah, so my nightmares are really hard to explain, there are these ventriloquist dummies, people in dog suits..."

    21. Gary. Just Gary.

    22. Knitwear status: epic.

    23. "There was one mullet to rule them all, forged deep in the fires of 1981, that could only be destroyed with scissors."

    He might be "one of the world's finest boogie-woogie music masters" (wiki) but there's no excuse for that hair.

    24. With a suit and hair like that you can see the future.

    @BadAlbumCovers Now I'm spotting them!

    25. A great bunch of lads.

    26. "Hey girl, do you like my top hat?"

    27. Disco's demise was closely linked to people being struck down by lasers.

    This must be one for @BadAlbumCovers

    28. One can only hope that all the songs on this are about his hair.

    29. Fuck YOU, Satan!