28 Superheroes You Wouldn’t Trust To Save The World

Yeah, we’ll just call the police instead if that’s OK.

1. This cat, who is always ready to pounce on crime.

2. This crime-fighting llama.

7. This man who is called Christopher Reeves and was arrested wearing a Superman t-shirt.

A man named Christopher Reeves was arrested for drugs while wearing a Superman T-shirt http://t.co/xRCxnQFRJv

— New York Post (@nypost)

8. This bereaved, supermarket shopping Spiderman.

9. When Batman and Spiderman had an actual fight (which was rubbish).

Now This News

10. This Superfamily.

11. This Superman who is scared shitless by a cat.

12. This Captain America.

13. This Batman who might not be keeping up Bruce Wayne’s strict physical regime.

14. This dog, who you wouldn’t like when he’s angry.

15. This Batman in his homemade Batmobile.

16. This pub-going Batman who may regret all those drunk texts tomrrow.

18. This Superman who is working part-time in Walmart.

20. This super-cool Superman.

Superhero fail. This is what happens when toddlers try to put their own costumes on

— Jenn Swick (@Jennswalve)

21. This, er, Wonderwoman.

@el_buddy insieme alla mitica wonderwoman ... Io mi sento al sicuro

— Metamorfosy (@TheSteelSoul)

22. This Superman who needs Batman to wave his cape for him.

23. This chilled out Batman.

24. This angry-looking Supercat.

Been a while since searching Google images for �t” and a random word. Cat-superhero does not fail to impress. #fb

— Martyn Hardacre (@martynhardacre)

25. This Captain America, who isn’t exactly winning.

26. “Na na na na na na na na, Bathman!”

“To the Bathmobile!”

27. This acrobatic Spiderman.

28. This Batman, who is dancing because he’s alive.

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