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27 People Who Have Better Job Titles Than You

Come back when you can call yourself a science Viking.

1. Russell, who spent many years at bride-kidnapping college.

2. "Pork rind crisis? Yeah you need Jim Rudolph."

3. You have to spend five years as a moustache man before you make the grade.

4. Are YOU qualified to be the University of Glasgow's knitter-in-residence?

5. Juan can jump through windows and from the top of buildings. If that's not a useful skill, nothing is.

6. We're quitting our jobs RIGHT now to retrain and steal this guy's job.

7. NO WAIT this one.

Best job title ever: RT @nickmohammed: YES!

8. Regular unicycling just wasn't doing it for Kris.

9. It doesn't mean what you might think it means.

Best Job Title Ever: Ghazali Jafaar, Comandante del "Moro Islamic Liberation Front" ->

10. This is just poetic.

11. If you've got it, flaunt it.

12. If we try really hard, if we follow our dreams, we can all be science Vikings.

13. "You've done well, Sarah Durdin Robertson. Those potatoes never stood out of line."

14. Everyone has to start somewhere.

15. Jerry gets added benefits.

16. "So the bear biology wasn't working out, so I went into paper folding and that's when I woke up in this forest."

17. I'm sure this guy was famous for something else other than being a web developer. Can't put my finger on it.

18. You want to access to justice in space? You go through James.

19. You want to do any kind of science? Speak to Michael.

20. Ranch dressing crisis? Derek is always there.

21. You want to mess with infinite infinity ... WAIT THAT'S NOT A THING.

22. We are all Luke Howard.

THE best job title ever! "@EnglishHeritage: Cirrus, stratus or cumulus? ”

23. He does look snuggly, but ... I'm OK.

24. Hair, with therapy.

BTW, that name might be slightly familiar to fans of Arrested Development.

25. "Sandbags. That's my thing. Sandbags. I've always been interested in sandbags. Just sandbags. That's me. Yep."

26. The lube manager knows all.

27. Finally, if you still think your job title is better, Alan Moore would like a word with you.