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    25 Wonderful Things You Can Buy In Poundland

    Discount retailer Poundland is planning to launch on the stock market, giving it a valuation of up to £900 million. We went undercover to see what the fuss is about and found some very weird stuff.

    1. Don't go to 'proper' opticians like a total mug.

    2. For people whose waists need that bit of extra support that normal clothes just don't provide.

    3. If in doubt, try this on for size.

    4. And don't forget healthcare. This product is for men who can't bring themselves to say 'lozenge'.

    5. On to homeware. You need that certain aroma that reminds you of something nice. Pine, fresh linen, citrus. Or Skittles.


    7. You've been doing vacuum cleaning wrong. This is how it's done.

    8. Poundland customers always know what day it is, with a luxurious array of dog- and cat-related calendars.


    10. And in Poundland it's always Christmas.

    11. Something for the kids maybe? How about this 'transforming' toy, that's absolutely in no way based on another famous line of toys at all.

    12. X-treme.

    13. OK even if penguins have nothing to do with Christmas, this is quite good for £1.

    14. As is this.

    15. There's even something for the dog.

    16. There are musical treats galore. How the mighty have fallen.

    17. All those anthems for £1?

    18. Picking up all these bargains is hungry work. But fear not - you need not shop anywhere else for food.

    19. 'Ye Old Ham'.


    21. Feast on sweets that you will not see anywhere else. What's a 'skiddadle'?

    22. There are posh sweets too. Something for all tastes.

    23. Don't just drink energy drinks, evolve.

    24. Don't miss out on food and drink accessories.

    25. And how much is all this stuff, you may ask?

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