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25 People Who Haven't Quite Figured Out Parenting Yet

OK, they don't come with instructions, but that's no excuse for any of these people.

1. The parents who dressed their son as a bong.

2. This health-conscious mum.

3. This all-action snowboarding dad.

4. This sports-mad dad.

5. This proud couple.

6. This dad who has forgotten how gravity works.

7. This mum who has got her priorities sorted.

8. This mum who is already thinking of career options.

9. This counterculture dad.

Eric Harrison / Flickr: 34841109@N03 / Creative Commons

10. This dad who made it a birthday to remember.

11. This dad who taught an important lesson in trust.

12. These parents who are enjoying a stroll.

13. This genius.

14. Whoever is in charge of this guy.

15. The parents of this gang, who are redefining permissive.

16. Whoever left the parenting to the cat.

17. This overcompetitive dad.

18. Whoever came up with this idea.

19. Whoever gave this guy this shirt.

20. And this.

21. Whoever put their kid in a watermelon.

22. This mum who may have forgotten something.

23. These bros.

24. This clean-freak mum.

25. And this fashion-forward dad.