23 Great British Values According To Twitter

Michael Gove wants British values to be taught in schools. The #BritishValues hashtag offers some excellent suggestions.

1. Booze.

2. Mr Blobby.

Sean Dempsey/PA Archive/Press Association Images

3. Comedy socks.

4. Traditional street names.

5. Queuing.

#BritishValues confidently holding the title of "world's best queue-ers"

— zoe (@BabyWasu)

6. Tutting at people in queues.

Is it more British to queue or to tut quietly when someone pushes in the queue? If the latter then don't we need pushers in? #BritishValues

— Nicholas Diable (@Defencebrief)

7. Forming a queue with the minimum amount of people.

Forming a queue wherever three or more people are gathered together #BritishValues

— Sarah Lonsdale (@SarahJLonsdale)

8. Asking people if they’re in the queue.

Standing in a queue and asking, "are you in the queue?" ever so politely to someone standing a bit skewiff. #BritishValues

— Charley (@charleymarley)

9. Just tutting generally.

The Great British 'tut' of disapproval #BritishValues

— Dee (@sayitaintsojoe9)

Tutting, but very quietly, so no-one can hear you #BritishValues

— Hopi Sen (@hopisen)

10. This swan.

@turboholborn #BritishValues (overbearing State)

— Political Chap (@PoliticalChap)

11. Spokey Dokeys.

Purchasing overpriced cereal because it comes with free spokey dokeys #BritishValues

— Dirk (@pugjoke)

12. Language skills.

Going on holiday to a foreign country & speaking English slowly & loudly to locals & getting annoyed they don't understand. #BritishValues

— Mr Wood (@woodo79)

14. Having a stiff upper lip.

#BritishValues refusing to smile or interact in a pleasant way with any strangers.

— ArsenalTransferNews (@TwittaTwats)

15. Acting appropriately to any sign of sun.

Walking around topless as soon as a smidgen of sun appears no matter how skinny I am. #BritishValues

— Anti-Cli Max (@max_normal_)

16. Sitting on bins.

#BritishValues Coffee mornings on bin day

— Badladsplace (@badladsplace)

17. Soccerball.

One of the national football teams losing a competition and pundits bleating on about that one time it won 48 years ago. #BritishValues

— Mr Wood (@woodo79)

18. This pub.


— GARAM MASALA ™ © ® (@SpamChopp)

19. Choosing the right conservatory furniture.

Getting a conservatory and thinking that rattan furniture is the way to go. #BritishValues

— not Darren (@DforDerivative)

20. Putting traffic cones on statues.

#BritishValues Seeing a rogue traffic cone and immediately working out the nearest sculpture in need of a hat.

— Mr Wood (@woodo79)

21. Politicians trying to play sports.


— Tent101 (@Tent101)

For example, compare and contrast the American president and the First Minister of Scotland (he’s on the right).

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Andrew Milligan/PA Wire/Press Association Image


22. Katy Price / Jordan.


— Lisa Flashheart (@BiscuitAhoy)

23. This guy.


— Emily (@Miss_EBP)

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