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    22 Things From 1994 That Will Make You Feel Old

    Let's get ready to rumble. Again.

    1. This film came out 20 years ago.

    The Lion King is also 20 years old.

    2. Not to mention all of these.

    3. Love Is All Around by Wet Wet Wet was at No. 1 in the charts forever.

    4. The film that song came from was pretty big too, becoming the biggest grossing British film ever, making nearly $250 million and costing just $3.5 million to make.

    5. It's two decades on since Oasis made one of the great debut albums in rock.

    6. But, hey, you were Team Blur all the way. Parklife turns 20 in April.

    7. Meanwhile, the Beastie Boys created one of the great music videos. MTV played it constantly all year.

    8. PJ and Duncan were getting ready to rumble 20 FULL EARTH YEARS AGO.

    9. It's 20 years since Kurt Cobain committed suicide. Strangely it feels like it was longer ago than that.

    10. This little gray box, launched in 1994, changed computer games forever.

    11. Meanwhile, the Sega Saturn, er, didn't.

    12. Many of us were addicted to playing this, whether or not we allowed younger siblings to play along as Diddy Kong.

    Hard to believe now, but computer games companies used to release VHS trailers of forthcoming titles back then.

    13. It was very unlikely you had one, but mobile phones looked like the first two here.

    14. This hit newsstands for the first time in 1994, starting a lucrative boom in "lads' mags" that lasted through the 1990s.

    15. We were still trying to get our heads around the separation of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. In June Charles admitted his extramarital affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

    16. The Channel Tunnel opened 20 years ago.

    17. Netscape launched Mosaic Netscape 0.9, one of the first widely available web browsers, in 1994.

    18. The The Daily Telegraph became the first U.K. newspaper to launch a news website. It was quite impressive for the time.

    19. Friends, arguably the greatest sitcom ever, launched in 1994, spawning legions of copycat haircuts.

    20. This is how schoolkids spent their weekday afternoons from 4:10, except when Blue Peter was on.

    21. In the company of this man, one of the less famous Broom Cupboard presenters, but fondly remembered nevertheless. No hard feelings, Toby.

    22. Manchester United won their historic league and FA Cup double 20 years ago. They even managed it wearing this awful kit.

    Bryan Robson, who joined the club in 1981, was in the same team as Ryan Giggs, who joined in 1987 and is still there.

    United's promising young forward Wilfred Zaha was 18 months old when United did the double.