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    21 Desperate Last Minute Christmas Presents You Can Buy In Pound Shops

    It's 24 December. You've forgotten to buy a single present. You know exactly where you're headed: your local pound shop.

    1. This is the Christmas hat you've secretly always wanted.

    2. Turn your loved ones into living baubles with this gold metallic spray.


    4. Treasure those Christmas memories in a Christmas photo frame forever more because Christmas Christmas Christmas.

    5. So you put your drinks on a NON-FESTIVE coaster at this time of year? You make me sick.

    6. Four paints, one brush, and a lifetime of creepy Christmas fun.

    7. For the person who loves both Christmas trees and storage: a charming Christmas tree storage bag.

    8. It's either a pudding made FOR dogs or FROM dogs. It's hard to tell.

    9. For when real candles are just too much hassle, get cheap-looking fake ones. In your FACE, fire hazards.

    10. Join the information technology age with this USB snowman, powered by the magic of science.

    11. And don't go around buying DVDs and fancy TV subscriptions to watch so-called "good" films over Christmas. This is just 99p.

    12. How much is this festive romcom? DON'T ASK – it's 99p.

    13. As is this cult classic that everyone's heard of.

    14. Are you Crazy for Christmas? You should be, when this made-for-TV film costs just 99p.

    15. This "funny tree" is a tiny potted Christmas tree that's not funny in the slightest, unless it's an elaborate art prank about the futile comedy of existence.

    16. Cover your loved one in a "snow blanket" this Christmas. They won't think it's weird – it's completely fine.

    17. For the sports fan in your life, how about this DVD featuring highlights of the South American qualifying stages of the 2006 World Cup?

    18. There's this Santa coat and hat for dogs, which will make both you and your dog question your life choices so far.

    19. Thermo plates. Thermo. Plates.

    20. "Hat not included".

    21. And this lucky bag, on which Horrid Henry looks completely wasted.