21 DJs Complaining About Their Unbelievably Privileged Lifestyles

It’s a hard life for international jet-setting DJs. These via the @DJsComplaining Twitter account. Some NSFW language.

1. Tiësto complaining about iPhones and United Airlines.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

2. Eric Prydz complaining about internet speeds.

Tony Woolliscroft / Getty Images

3. Disclosure complaining about sushi.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

4. Wolfgang Gartner complaining about babies.

5. DJ Minx complaining about massages.

Flickr: taraangkorhotel / Creative Commons

6. Eric Prydz complaining about being on a bus.

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7. Diplo complaining there aren’t enough drive-by shootings these days.

Mike Windle / Getty Images

8. John Dahlback complaining about stretch limos.

Flickr: kommerij / Creative Commons

9. Žomby complaining about a peach.

Incredibly disappointing peach

— Žomboy (@Zomboy_music)

10. Dillon Francis complaining about vegetables.

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty images

11. Dillon Francis complaining about planes with no wifi.

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12. John B complaining about German hotels.

What the fuck is it with German hotels and one fucking pillow? Seriously. Beds in real life have more than one pillow. This is not prison.

— John B (@johnbbeta)

13. Justin Faust complaining about Burger King, in quite extreme terms.

Flickr: bungphe / Creative Commons

14. Zedd complaining about his private jet.

My flight got cancelled => I book a private jet => private jet breaks down taxing .... i can't believe this is really happening...

— Zedd (@Zedd)

15. Mark Kinchen complains about his gas bill, having just bought a Porche.

Feng Li / Getty Images

16. DJ Snake complaining about new sneakers.

So stressful wearing brand new sneakers in the club

— DJ SNAKE (@djsnake)

17. Logan D complaining about Southend Airport.

18. Jackmaster complaining about people who say espresso incorrectly.

Here's another one. If you say fucking EXPRESSO instead of Espresso then I hope you die alone

— JACKMASTER (@jackmaster)

19. Hudson Mohawke complaining about French hotel lobby seats.

Getty Images

20. FuntCase complaining about his cleaner.

21. Chase and Status complaining about their steak at Brussels Airport.

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