18 Parents Who Forgot How To Parent

    There's a right way, and then there are these people.

    1. The mum who shares her love of social media with her child.

    2. The parents who taught their daughter everyday words, like "fork".

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    3. These people who were keen for kid to take an interest in their work.

    4. Whoever thought this particular hobby would be acceptable.

    5. The parents who gave their baby a gun to play with.

    6. The outdoorsy parents who threw their baby across a chasm.

    7. These people, who came up with unconventional means of transport.

    8. The parent who punked their son with an egg.

    9. Whoever raised this cutie.

    10. This dad who got his kid involved in his booze consumption.

    11. Whoever put their baby on the clothesline.

    12. And the people who left the parenting to the PC.

    13. This duck.

    14. These parents, who have a strange idea of "fun".

    15. The parents who made their kid sleep on the patio.

    16. These parents, with their unique approach to punishment.

    17. This statue.

    18. And this guy, who proves parenting is the most rewarding thing you'll ever do.