17 Hilarious Questions People Asked Nick Clegg On Twitter

Never mind the election, we want to know what he’d do if Godzilla attacked France.

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg sat down today for a Twitter Q&A on Europe. What could possibly go wrong?

1. There were some important musical questions.


3. There were some probing, searching questions about life.

4. Like when this person sought the truth about Clegg’s mistrust of ants.

5. There were questions about history.

@nick_clegg What do you reckon was better, WW1 or WW2?


6. Questions about sport.

.@nick_clegg Is the traditional 442 formation suitable against modern European sides or should #England try something else at the World Cup

— Rabbit of Caerbannog (@Zharrt)

7. Questions about holidays.

8. Questions about hollaback girls.

. @nick_clegg what's a hollaback girl and what is the lib dem stance on them


9. And about girls more generally.

.@nick_clegg Do girls poop?

— Sam Fenn (@Samfennfenn)

10. This important enquiry about ribbons.

.@nick_clegg isn’t a ribbon just a sort of flat, decorative eel?

— Regular Frog (@FrogCroakley)

11. This equally important cultural question.

.@nick_clegg if you adopted the guy who played sherlock holmes on the telly, would that make him Clegg's Benedict?

— Regular Frog (@FrogCroakley)

12. And this existential Kafkaesque nightmare.

.@nick_clegg what would you do if you woke up one morning and your hands were melons and you went to scream but your mouth was a pancake?

— Regular Frog (@FrogCroakley)

13. People wanted to know how he measured up to other political leaders.

@nick_clegg Could you have Ed Miliband in a fight?

— Lord Bollock (@LordBollock)

14. There was this alarming but intriguing question.

.@nick_clegg if I asked nicely, could you deport a v small section of the German community, ie my housemate, coz he can levitate scarily

— Will (@willwasthere)

15. This pertinent – and still unanswered – question about kaiju attacks in Europe.

@nick_clegg With regards Europe and the UK economy, what would be the implications of Paris being attacked by Godzilla and/or Mothra?

— Perun`s Axe (@PerunsAxe)

16. There was this excellent Father Ted-themed idea for our Eurovision entry next year. Just picture it.

@nick_clegg Can we enter you in Eurovision next year singing My Lovely Horse?

— Jay Coleman (@VelociraptorJay)

17. Not everyone seemed entirely sure what was going on.


— Small Thunderdog (@smallthunderdog)

But the electorate was GRIPPPED.

This Nick Clegg q&a is compelling in the same way as watching the shopping channel. I'm invested yet I don't know why.

— Robbie Maloney (@RobJobbie)

It was inevitable, wasn’t it?

This is only going to end one way. A @buzzfeed list. RT @nick_clegg: Ready to go. Send me your questions on Europe.

— Tom Satchwell (@TomSSatchwell)

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Patrick Smith is a senior reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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